Other Services We Provide


Web Design

 CGA WebConcepts was created to service the needs of my clients. Since then It has evolved. I’ve provided businesses and individuals with web and media content services. I actively listen to the needs of my clients, to make certain I produce designs that meet their exact requirements.
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Electronic Press Kits (EPK)

An electronic press kit (EPK) comes in digital format such as a website, email or downloadable file. They are easy to distribute and seriously more affordable than the old school press kits.But the real beauty of an EPK is that it brings your image to life right before the viewer's eyes. 
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Media Content Creation

Do you need some exciting visual content for your website or for your marketing campaign? Be it logos or a full length promo. We offer Media/Video content set to music that will make your brand 'pop'!


Personal Assistance& Business Management

From the moment I come on board, I am fully invested in you and your company. By letting me take on your General Administration demands, you can spend your time on other, more forward moving aspects of your business.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management is one of my specialties and one of the areas that tends to suck up your time as a business owner. That’s where I come in. By giving me that responsibility, you’ll befree to focus on other important aspects.

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Digital Marketing

Boost your brand's identity, don’t let potential customers pass you by.We will work together to merge our creative visions to come up with something really spectacular.